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Meet Our Team

Meet our team of committed part-timers doing the mahi to ensure Mothers Network can continue offering group sessions.

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Group Facilitators

Are you interested in becoming a Mothers Network Facilitator?

Our group facilitators are special people.

They are generally women who have participated in our groups previously and decided they would like to make that experience happen for someone else by giving back of their time and effort to help the group sessions run smoothly.

No prior experience is required, just a willingness to want to give other mothers the experience they have had. We run facilitator training regularly and all new facilitators will go through a training session and are then buddied up with an experienced facilitator to run a session together. It's a great way to build some skills in a fun and supportive environment.

Our facilitators are paid a koha, currently $325 for 6x2-hour group sessions, which includes time spent on admin, set up and travel.

If you have participated in one of our groups previously and would like to give this a go then please get in touch.

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