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Sarah Ward

Groups & Facilitator Coordinator

Sarah Ward.jpg
I'm a mum to two children, Taylor who is 12 (where did those years go?!) and Jack who is 10! I also have a collection of furry children; two dogs and a cat, so between all of them my life is well and truly chaos. We have a very busy life with a lot going on at times. My son has a chronic illness that requires a lot of our time to manage, and which is the thief of much sleep in our household.
My journey with Motherhood so far has been far from smooth sailing, I've suffered from Post Natal Depression and Anxiety with both my children. I have also raised my children in a different city to all family support, so I appreciate how hard it can be to not have those support networks around you when you really need them. Motherhood is an evolving journey and one that changes continually as your children grow, but one thing that stays the same is the need for a village to support you, catch you when you fall and to remind you, you're not alone on this crazy ride!
Mothers Network is an incredible organisation, I feel very privileged to work alongside some amazing people who are so passionate about what we do and the services we provide. We really are unique in so many ways, we may not be a big organisation but we make a huge difference in mum's lives.
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