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By mums, for mums, about mums

Come join us to build your skills and find your voice


Mother's Network

Mothers Network are a Wellington based organisation that supports mums to get the best from their motherhood experience

"Not just another coffee group"

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Our facilitated group sessions offer a safe, non-judgmental space for you to share the realities of motherhood with other mums.

We’re unique in that we focus entirely on your needs first, offering empathy and helping guide you through the challenges and changes of motherhood.

Join us to find your tribe, connect to other women, and build your sense of wellbeing.

Here's what other mum's have had to say about Mother's Network...


"This Mothers Network group was a breath of fresh air and people were actually honest about how they feel."

"I wouldn't be where I am just now with my job search or feeling so positive and normal."

"It was just for me, ie. we weren't just sitting there talking about our babies and it was nice to know that other mums were experiencing similar things to me."

"Talking about things that cause stress / difficulty helps to make me more relaxed at home"

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